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Podcast: Classics with The Classic Interviews

  • A Community Kitchen?? What is That??

    Aaron Gerlach, pastor at Old Trinity Episcopal Church in Tiffin joined Keith for the hour on 11-16-22v to play some great Classic Hits and talk about the Tiffin Community Kitchen. It's been in the news recently and people have a lot of questions about the project. It is new...It is unique...It educates...It's fun! Tune in and find out what it is AND hear Pastor Gerlach's favorite Classic Hit st...
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  • Photographer that took THE PICTURE of the 2002 Tiffin Tornado

    Allan Detrich worked as a photographer for the Toledo Blade on Nov 10, 2002. Helived in the Fremont area but spent a lot of time in Tiffin. He is also a storm chaser. He was in the right place at the right time and took the iconic photo of the funnel cloud that appeared in Time, Life and more. He joined Keith on the 20th anniversary of the terrible Tiffin tornado....
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  • Saving The Pups Nobody Wants

    This is the story of the Island Safe Harbor Animal Sanctuary in Pt. Clinton and give dogs the chance to live out their lives loved or be adopted to new FUREVER homes. Alexann Reno talks with Keith about the Sanctuary and their upcoming Chili Cookoff at Cleats Restaurant, Marblehead-Lakeside on Sunday afternoon 11/6/22 2p-4p The stories on their Facebook Page will make you both laugh and cry....and...
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  • The Death of A Queen

    Queen Elizabeth died today (9/8/22). Ellie Loaring reports periodically for WBVI. She was LIVE from London to discuss the Queen's life, her death and what comes next for the Royals
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