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Taylor Swift Proclaims in New Song Out Today, "The Old Taylor is Dead"

Like many Swifties around the nation last night, I stayed up past midnight, in hopes of hearing Taylor Swift's new single from her new highly anticipated album, out November 10, Reputation. The song's title, "Look What You Made Me Do", is much different than what we're used to hearing from Ms. Swift, but has a sort of edge to it, which is what I believe she was pushing for. The song makes a bold statement, which is something Swift is really good at doing in her music. Many have referred to the new track as simply a diss, putting all of the haters to shame -- (cough, cough) Katy Perry, Kanye, Kim K, Calvin Harris. 




Whatever the intent of the song, I LOVE it, but I am a bit biased when it comes to artists like Taylor Swift! I don't know; what do you guys think?


Take a listen to the song by clicking the link below, that directs you to the lyric video posted by Swift, directed by Joseph Kahn!

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