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Tiffin Receives Additional Grant Money for Route 53

The City of Tiffin was notified by ODTO that they have been selected to recieve upt $500,000 in federal funding from the ODOT Urban Pacing Program. These funds will help with the resurfacing of North Sandusky Stree north of Tob Street. This program will cover 80% of all resurfacing associated costs. 


The ODOT Urban PPaving program is a federally funded grant program that assists with resurfacing costs involving state highways located in municipalities.


The funds will also be used with federal funds recently recieved from the ODOT Small Cities Program. So far, the city has now recieved $2,158,691 in federal funds to make repairs to SR 53. The funding will become available in July of 2025 with construction starting in early 2026. 


Since 2018 the City Engineers office has been able to successfuly leverage nearly $12 million in local, state and federal grant funding for community infrasctructure projects.

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