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The Nun II

Valak returns to wreak havoc on an all-girl boarding school in France with The Nun II. Directed by Michael Chaves best known for The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It and The Curse of La Llorona.


The film takes us back to 1956 France when a priest is murdered through a heinous act that serves as a warning to the Vatican of Valak’s return. Sister Irene (Taissa Farmiga) is tasked with finding this demon once more and defeating it for good. Joining her along the way is Sister Debra (Storm Reid) who watches out for Irene in case she is in trouble. Popping back up from the first film is Maurice (Jonas Bloquet) who helped Irene defeat Valak in the first film. The only issue is Maurice is possessed by the demon and he is torturing an all-girl boarding school without realizing it. Irene will eventually learn about why Valak is at this school and what the demon intends to do.


We are once again sent back to The Conjuring universe in The Nun II. I had a way better time watching this film compared to the first one. I think that the story had a lot more beef compared to its counterpart that relied on jump scares the whole time. The jump scares in the new film were done a lot better than the first one. They really packed a punch, and the gore and intensity were brought up a notch showing how powerful Valak really is. The acting was a lot better as well.

The last film felt very mellow dramatic and not realistic. I felt the anguish of the characters when dealing with this psychotic demon. Now, the story was a tad predictable at times which took me out of the film sometimes. There was less CGI done in this film than the first, but I still don’t like seeing CGI in horror films. It must be done well for me to stay interested. I also felt like the detective aspect of the story was done way too fast to just fast forward the movie to the final act.


So, what is the final verdict on this film? Well, I would say if you’re an avid horror movie fan that you should see this in theaters at least once. If you want to just scare your friend that hates horror movies wait until it comes out on digital and do it, then. This is also perfect timing for Halloween. It’s a good sub average film that can give all the scares of a typical horror film with a little uniqueness to it.


Rating: 3 out 5

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