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Blue Beetle

The DC Universe is back again with the new superhero movie Blue Beetle directed by Angel Manuel Soto.


In the film, Jaime Reyes (Xolo Mariduena), a recent college graduate, receives a device called the Scarab from Jenny Kord (Bruna Maquezine), the daughter of Ted Kord and former head of Kord Industries. Jaime is tasked to keep this hidden from Jenny’s aunt, Victoria Kord (Susan Sarandon), who seeks to use this device to create super soldiers. Even though Jenny tells Jaime not to mess with the Scarab, he does anyway. In doing so, the device activates and fuses to Jamie’s body, turning him into the Blue Beetle. Victoria sends mercenary Carapax, also known as The Indestructible Man, from Kord Industries to hunt Jamie down. He will need the help of his family and especially his tech savvy uncle, Rudy Reyes (Mario Lopez), to take down Kord Industries.


I really enjoyed watching this movie over the weekend. The action sequences were a lot of fun and the comedy was great. It felt like I was watching a phase one Marvel movie set in the DC Universe. This is very weird to say because a lot of DC films are a little darker and grittier than Marvel. I think Mariduena did an excellent job as Jaime and the Blue Beetle. I thought he was the perfect choice to play this character and hopefully we will see more of him in the future. The other big takeaway for me was how the Reyes family is the focal point of the film. I think Soto did a great job of showing this family that is struggling on all ends of the spectrum, but they never give up. You also feel you’re a part of the family throughout the movie. So, when something emotional happens, you’ll feel the same way the family feels. I think the story and characters were written exceptionally well to portray the family aspect, which is a big testament of the movie. Other than that, the film seems a tad generic for the superhero storyline, and that the villains were uninspired. It seemed like they really wanted this to be about the family and then have the villains sprinkled in to create some tension.


Overall, this is a movie that families should see in theaters. Not because it’s a superhero film, but because it is a movie about a family that must deal with adversity. A lot of families go through similar situations (minus the superhero part) that can be relatable. I think you’ll have a fun time with a lot of laughs and some moments that will leave you in “awe.” Check this film out at least once in theaters.


Rating: 3.7 out 5

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