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Transformers Rise of the Beasts

The Autobots are back in action teaming up with a new crew to take down a new big bad villain in Transformers:  Rise of the Beasts. Directed by Steven Caple who is known for directing Creed II.
The movie starts with a story about a race of Transformers (called the Maximals) who are protecting a key that can open portals to different universes. They want to keep this key away from the villain Unicron (Colman Domingo) because he is a Transformer who eats planets. The Maximals escape to Earth to protect the key and the story then picks up in 1994. We’re then introduced to Noah Diaz (Anthony Ramos) who is a former soldier searching for jobs to support his family and brother, who is very ill. The other character we meet is Elena Wallace (Dominique Fishback) who works at a museum on Ellis Island. We then go back to Diaz who ends up taking a job to steal a car that turns out to be Autobot Mirage (Pete Davidson). While that is happening, Elena begins to look at a new artifact the museum received. She then discovers that the key the Maximals had is hidden inside. Both Diaz and Elena will team up with the Autobots and Maximals to defend the key from the Terracons led by Skurge (Peter Dinklage). Who is Unicrons secondhand man when destroying planets. Optimus Prime (Peter Cullen) also wants to use the key to get all the Autobots home to Cybertron, but will they be able to succeed against Skurge and Unicron?
I had a lot of fun watching this movie given the amazing action sequences, jokes, and great soundtrack. The CGI in the film was well done and pulled you into the movie. You felt like you were around real robots that could transform into different vehicles. Pete Davidson's performance as Mirage was remarkable and the rest of the cast did great too. I think what helped the actors was a well written script with original jokes that were much better than the not so original ones during the Michael Bay era. Unicron and Skurge were done well as the villains, and they were menacing and relentless throughout the story. Lastly, the music was awesome. It was all from the 90s and felt like a blast from the past. I think that the music also helped the film by adding more flavor to the viewing experience.
Overall, Transformers:  Rise of the Beasts is one of those summer blockbusters you need to head to the theater to see. I like the direction the Transformers franchise is heading, especially with the mid-credit scene that made my jaw hit the floor. I am very excited to see where they will take this story next.
Rating: 4 out 5


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