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Renfield Review

Sink your teeth into Renfield a story focused on Dracula’s secondhand man. Directed by Chris McKay, known for The Lego Movie, Renfield brings a gore filled and heartfelt story to the big screen.


The plot follows Renfield (Nicholas Hoult) through his journey to end his relationship with Dracula (Nicolas Cage). This does not bode well for Renfield because Dracula decides to retaliate. As the story continues, Rebecca (Awkwafina), a police officer, meets Renfield while seeking Tedward Lobo (Ben Schwartz) who is connected to the death of her father. Ultimately, Renfield and Rebecca will need to team up to take down Dracula and Tedward to stop their evil plan.


The underlying message in this film is no one should be afraid to stand up for themselves if they are in a toxic relationship. I think they portrayed that very well. Unfortunately, much of what happens in the movie, except for some moments during the action sequences, is not that engaging. The best part is Nicolas Cage’s performance as Dracula, and that’s what really made the movie for me.


Is this a movie to write home about? No. Is this a movie where you can sit down, eat a bag of popcorn, and enjoy the wackiness and gore? Yes. While not a great movie, Nicolas Cage as Dracula was worth getting the ticket.


Rating: 3 out of 5

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