Job Openings with Tri-County Broadcasting



Job Openings with Tri-County Broadcasting
Board Operator for Tri-County Broadcasting
Part-Time Position at $8.10 per hour
Tri-County Broadcasting is seeking an individual to handle the following Board Operator responsibilities:
¨       Set up, operate & maintain electronic equipment used to transmit radio programs
¨       Control audio equipment to regulate volume level & quality of sound during radio broadcasts
¨       Monitor incoming & outgoing signals & adjust equipment as necessary to maintain quality broadcasts
¨       Observe, monitor & converse with station personnel to determine audio/video levels are airing
¨       Report equipment problems
Criteria for the position:
¨       Detail-oriented, capable of meeting deadlines, working both independently & with others
¨       Ability to interact with computers & electronic equipment
¨       Knowledge of Microsoft Office
¨       Must be able to work nights (7 to 11) and weekends
If you are interested, please contact Dan Kotnik at dkotnik@wfob.com or 419.435.1430 to learn more about the position.
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