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Nick Hiltbrand

Super Hero Powers

If you could have one super power what would it be?


                We’ve all been asked this before, and it’s a lot of fun to entertain the idea and bounce your thoughts off of other people and gauge what’d be the best power to have. Flying would be awesome for many obvious reasons, might get a little old though after a while when you realize there was no one else to enjoy it with. Invincibility sounds awesome, but when you think about it, it sounds like it would eventually start to feel more like a curse than a power. Reading minds would be fun as well, but then it gets to the point where no one trusts you around them and things get a little awkward…

                Try this one on for size… The ability to control time, or space/time if you will. Hear me out:

  1. You’d have the ability to go back in time. Ever do/say something you really regret, and it continues to eat at you, and you know things would be better if you could go back to do it differently? Problem solved. Ever wish you caught something as it was happening, and have to hear everyone else talk about how epic it was to see it unfold? Problem solved. You could go back and take every test you ever took in high school, go back and pass on relationships that ended up being regrettable, not to mention go back and win every powerball lottery there ever was. The possibilities are endless
  2. You could stop/slow down time. Do you ever get poor sleep, and you’ve got a lot on your schedule for the day, and wish you could have the time to take a nap so as to take on the day fully charged? Stop time, and snooze for as long as you’d like! Maybe there’s a moment you’d like to savor for a little while longer, slow things down and soak in the moment!
  3. You could speed up time. Ever been on a road trip and dreading the 13+ more hours that you’re going to have to sit in the back middle seat having to listen to someone else’s terrible music? Fast forward, and you’re to your destination in seconds with no recollection of the Coldplay discography along the way. Maybe it’s a Monday, and you’ve got exciting plans for the weekend, and the work days seem to take twice as long as normal. Once again, make those work days go by in a blur and get to the weekend already!
  4. Not to mention, you could go to the future. Not that I ever would, but you could always go find out who your future spouse is. You could also find out when flying cars are made, when law and order will ever stop airing, or how the world ends (which very well might be when law and order stops airing).
  5. How would you deal with other people with super hero powers? Easy, just look into the future to see if they killed you or captured you or anything, find out when and how, then be ready for it when they come. If it’s a super hero you can’t handle, just stop time when they get there and run away, not the most glorious maneuver, but a super hero’s got to stay alive right?

If you have any other great super hero power ideas, let me know! I’d love to hear them!


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