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Much Ado About Hue

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Much Ado About Hue.


That’s how I sum up the Browns revealing their “new” logo this week. If you haven’t seen it, you can look at it here. But you don’t really need to because you’ve already seen it. It’s exactly the same as the old one, just a liiiitle bit brighter shade of orange.


And different wordmark.


That’s it.


Seriously. There are pictures on the refrigerators littered throughout the Cleveland area that would’ve been a more creative logo than what they have/had.


The Cleveland Browns organization just seems to find new and interesting ways to try and do good, but still manage to mess up royally. They are the Jerry Gergich of the entire sports world. And while this may be a small example of the Browns stumbling over themselves, I think it speaks to a much deeper rooted problem. I mean, it was a rather simple idea. We’ve had the same boring logo forever and now we want to change it and we’re going to hype it up for a week. And then you lay that weak sauce on us? It just makes you think: if they can’t even get a publicized logo change right, how can they run a franchise? If you’re a chef and you can’t make a grilled cheese, how can I expect you to make a filet?


The Browns have been horrible since the late 80s. Like embarrassingly horrible. And the only way Cleveland fans have been able to live through this hibernation is by saying that they are “die hards” and “true” fans because they stick with the team through everything. Some will even go out and buy new Browns swag just because it has a new shade of orange on it. I’m here to tell you, die hard Browns fan: it might be small, but this logo is just one more slap in the face. It speaks to the years upon years of dysfunction and you deserve better.


You’re rooting for a team that’s been going through an identity crisis since communism fell. You don’t know who your coach is. You don’t know who your quarterback is. You barely have your own name and colors! You’re in-state rivals, the Cincinnati Bengals, essentially stole your color scheme and then named their stadium after the same guy you named your whole team after! The depth of your team’s history ends with the Berlin Wall. You need a fresh start, a very big fresh start.


So what I’m about to say may sound crazy, and it very well might be. I’m a Packers fan. They’ve been good since I was born. Who am I to talk to about the pain you know or to criticize what to do with your team? And that’s a valid point. That said, I still don’t think I’m wrong in what I’m going to say. Here’s what you need to do, Browns fans.


End it. The Browns organization, team names, logo, water boys, etc. limp through each and every season and you just put up with it. End it. Get rid of anything associated with the Browns franchise and start fresh. Keep the same players if you want. You just need a complete overhaul of everything else. It’s not the end of something; it’s the start of something hopefully much better. Think of the whole town coming together and deciding on what team should represent their city. That’s how you start a winning tradition.


You deserve better than this, Cleveland Browns fans. All it takes is the will to make it happen.

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