Dan Kotnik

Originally from the Dayton area, I grew up with a huge family (the oldest of six). Parents and all my aunts and uncles grew up in either Tiffin or Bascom, so I was very familiar with the area before moving up here.

I'm a proud graduate of THE Bowling Green State University where I got my degree in Sport Management and minor in journalism. I developed my love for radio, particularly sports radio, while I was there. I got to do play-by-play for a wide variety of BGSU sports: football, basketball, volleyball, baseball, softball; even got to call a bowl game at Ford Field! I'll always be forever grateful for the experience and relationships I got while I was there.

As you can guess, I'm a sports junkie with my biggest fix coming from the 13-time world champion Green Bay Packers, of whom I'm a partial owner. My fandom also spreads to the Tigers, Celtics, Bruins and Buckeyes.

I'm excited to be here with an awesome company and ready to do big things here!


Dan Kotnik's Blog:

  • The NFL Finally Gets One Right, Although It Might Not Look Like It

    All opinions and commentary are solely of Daniel Kotnik   In recent years, the NFL has been under an almost constant siege. Domestic violence and concussion issue have hung around like an ugly gray cloud every Sunday as we watch our games and Deflategate was an elephant parade away from being a full blown circus. There are few examples of things that people ...

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  • Swing and a Miss

    Disclaimer: All thoughts and opinions are that solely of Dan Kotnik.   Whenever the baseball season starts, I like to count myself as one of the lucky fans in baseball. I am a fan of the Detroit Tigers, or more importantly, I am a fan of a team in the American League. Why does that make me one of the lucky ones? It means I only have to suffe...

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  • Thank You, Kentucky

    DISCLAIMER: All thoughts and opinions are that solely of Dan Kotnik.     For the record, I want it to be said that I was, and have been through the whole tournament, rooting for Wisconsin. I have always loved anything Wisconsin; I picked them to win the whole thing, which means I also picked them to beat Kentucky. With that s...

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  • Reforming the Idea of the

    Disclaimer: All thoughts and opinions are that solely of Dan Kotnik.   The NCAA is at it again, coming down with another suspension in an attempt to make itself look useful. Syrcause has been slapped with a suspension for violating academic rules. The NCAA is…it’s just awful. It’s no better than the guy at work who gathers...

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  • Much Ado About Hue

    Disclaimer: All thoughts and opinions are that solely of Dan Kotnik.   Much Ado About Hue.   That’s how I sum up the Browns revealing their “new” logo this week. If you haven’t seen it, you can look at it here. But y...

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  • You Called Down the Thunder, Well Now You Got It

    Disclaimer: All thoughts and opinions are that solely of Dan Kotnik.   Tombstone. What a great movie. Not only a great movie, but a movie that has a lot of stars in it that worked well together. Everyone acted within their roles while still doing enough that you remembered each of them. Kurt Russell, Val Kilmer, Bill Paxton, Sam Elliot&helli...

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  • Why Aren't We Discussing THIS About Concussions?

    Disclaimer: All thoughts and opinions are that solely of Dan Kotnik.       It’s been a topic talked about for the last several years; the fodder for debate for sports pundits and ammunition for those that wish the NFL ill: concussions. The most recent sighting of this specter came this past weekend ...

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  • Super Bowl Prop Bets

    It’s Super Bowl week and to give you a break from the dun of Deflategate talk, let’s take a look at some of, what I think are the best things about the Super Bowl, the prop bets. As a short disclaimer, I’m not advocatin...

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  • We are ALL Ohio State

    Disclaimer: All thoughts and opinions are those solely of Dan Kotnik.   As the last moments ticked off the game clock in Arlington, Texas, and I got off the phone after excited yelling at my dad through the phone a “Richard Sherman”-esque  speech about beating the odds and what not, I naturally drifted where many do during important m...

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